All displays are set up and retrieved between the hours of 7 p.m. and 9 p.m..

  • You can reserve a mini HAPPY BIRTHDAY  (flash) yard card (one phrase) $70 (approx.8 ft. coverage)

  • Large Flashs: Birthday, Anniversaries, Weddings $80 (aporox 12ft coverage)

  • Baby Announcements (IT’S A BOY & IT’S A GIRL) $75 (approx. 8/10 ft. Coverage)

  • Graduation Yard Cards starting at $80

  • The WOW will include one phrase, age, name and accents. $99 (aprox. 20 ft coverage)

  • Add an additional name to any yard card for $10.

  • Add 

    one additional day for $40

    Rentals are available for a maximum of 48 hours. 

  • Add an additional phrase (ex. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  WE LOVE YOU! is two phrases) for $15.

  • Delivery is 

    FREE (within 20 miles of 48879)

     to the zip codes in Clinton County, Michigan and surrounding areas.

  • There is a $10 delivery fee for all areas over 20 miles up to 30 miles from 48879.

  • Tax will be added to prices above at checkout.


All areas within 30 miles of 48879


Our Inventory


Mini Flash

Our mini flash is a perfect way to celebrate for those with a smaller yard or on a budget. It will come with the Happy Birthday flash like below, along with name, age and up to 10 accent pieces. This  package is $70 and will cover about 8ft.The Happy Birthday flash comes in 4 different color options.

Baby Announcements

We have both It's a Boy and It's a girl. Prices start at $75 with added prices for names.


Large Flash

Our Large Flash is the next step up. This is a 2 piece Happy Birthday set which includes name, age and up to 15 accents. This covers about 12 ft. Price: $80.00We have 5 different color options... Teal/purple, Pink/purple, Blue/blue, Red/black and a Construction theme.

WOW Package

This is our show stopper! Spanning over 18ft our WOW package has all phrases spelled out! This includes name, age and up to 20 accents. This package is also available for Weddings, Anniversaries, Gender Reveals and more. Prices begin at $99.00Additional charges for extra phrases and names.


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